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"WE BACK!!!"


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Debut of a Return

It's been a minute since I've been on here...let me get my bearings back, lol.

I just really wanted to talk about dreams and what role they can play in your life, and going further, how much or little can those dreams effect what you do. Sometimes I feel really low and I can't understand why but just now I realized that this dream of breaking into the music industry has become a part of ME. It's no longer a dream, a thought, something that comes and goes in my mind; it has really became apart of my life so in a sense, I am living my dream already, just not in the magnitude that I wish.

I feel at my highest, my best, at peace in only three situations: one is being when I am at a aprty with Green Team and we do what we do and not only that but it's a since of timeless-ness in the group and it feels like the night is truly young. The second is when I am with my girl, but seeing as I'm single, I will stop there. The third is when I get a chance to perform and record, when I can live out a portion of the life I so much dream for.

Why did I say all of this. It's simple, have you ever wanted something so bad that every breathing moment you think of ways to get it, you think of ways to succeed but when you realize that is so far from your grasp, you actually get depressed like it effects your mood that much that you can't function unless your making progress or your doing something that can further fuel your dream.

This is how I feel. Music is what I breath (I honestly think I listen to more music than M.T. Bag combined). The lifestyle of being able to wake up whenever I want, record late nights, and do shows is what I long for. If you understand than this post should hit home.

"I'm in the Pursuit of something...I'll know what it is when I get there."

...everyone tells me I can make it, some don't think I can do it. We'll all find out when I arrive.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Youth In Asia

Been a long time since the boy even entered this site. Feels like I've been (self) exiled. Apparently, the boy is excommunicated and shit. Ok, allow me to rebuttal and give my side of this.

M.T. Bag= The best Hip-Hop group of all time. Point blank.

The root of the problem started when we were in the final stages  of creating M.I.C. Mr.Skeem left. I had no problem with him leaving if that was his prerogative, but we have this album with four cats on it and we got three cats now.....

A few months later, we became more focused, we had to grind a little harder after losing our fourth man. The motivation was at an all time high. Skeem was on his good ol' solo dolo. One day, he wanted to come back. Honestly, I hesitated, Ace and Fauste were on board to let him come back, I'm not gonna tell the guy, "NO!"

The strain was put onto the group when we started recording Sp00ks&Sp00ns. A new and improved "Asshole" Boogie arose. The musics that were put onto the project were forced to be made. The only person that likes every single one of his verses on the album is Ace. The turn out, decent nevertheless.....BUT then M.O decides to get down with us after years or so of being in this solo-all-by-himself-type-shit.

I hardly ever came around to Ace's anymore. Why? I was tired of being told we were gonna make music, then all we actually do is sit down, pack a hundred and one bowls, and me becoming the only conscious nigga in the room.

Skeem starts picking bones with Fauste. I never took a side because it wasn't my business. Then M.O wants to mess with Fauste. Then Ace. All the while, I'm not giving two shits. Being the catalyst I am, I had to convince Fauste to even attempt to reply. By then, M.O apologizes.

In short. I can understand the idea of you cats not having gas money to keep constantly getting me, but when I am over there, we don't do shit. I'm not strictly blaming y'all niggas, I feel uninspi(RED) around y'all sometimes. It appears to be more about image to y'all niggas. I just wanna make music, that's all I've been on forever....mayne.

Why did I leave the group? Every time I turned around, somebody was like, "I'm leaving the group." I don't give a fuck. At least this way I don't have to consult three other niggas about nothing.

We don't click like the clique were once were.

I hope we'll all still be friends. Aaram, Caleb, Matthew and Sheldon to the tomb. Fuck an Ace, fuck a Skeem, fuck a Midas, and fuck a Fauste.

So, if this is the end of M.T. Bag....I don't feel so bad.

Third World Records forever.


The REAL Other Side Of The Pillow....Super Juicy Gossip...Outro Diss

Hi, Howdy, Sauetei (check latin spelling, if you so choose you phuckin geek)...Mr.Chase formerly known as Ace Boogie here and you probably haven't heard, but for the un-teenth time i'm leaving the band. But not just the band this time, I'm either leaving Third World Records or the rap game in general.

You see for the past few years I put my blood and sweat into running Third World like an actual label....I drew up contracts that some people have signed, I worked on finding and helping to develop artist (as if I'm developed my damn self), and I pushed this motherphucking webiste out to the people like a nigga gave labor everyday...

But your father, along with Fauste and Dinnerroll, (talking to the website) abandoned you....abandoned us...I tried to run you, hell I saw to your 10000th hit..I was shocked to hop on today and see that we had another 2000 hits since my last post in November. But its just not the same with out everyone contributing....And as the fate of the band's blogspot seems to be dying, seems like the band will soon be dying to. Everybody's too focused on what they wanna do, Fauste is on some early punk rap type shit. And Miz just tryin to be the next kanye still...Skeem wants to be your average everyday rapper using more simplistic beats and song ideas for crowd appeal. Seems like I'm the only one in the band nowadays, i'm still making music but its band music with no band and i don't wanna make any other type so I'm out... And the number reason i knew the band was goin was when the President of our Label, Mza, said this, "I represent a fictitious record label called Third World Records."

Since when are we fake I ask you "Midas?" If you ask me someone's ego is a little inflated, you choose the name a mythical king who seemingly makes gold from whatever he touches although flipping as if you were trying to make bad grammar look cool. And I also ask why switch focus to pushing yourself as opposed to yourself and the guys who were supposed to be yo niggas...but i guess that was fictitious too, eh?

ANYWAY like always I'll stay one condition, I Diddy it up like that. I would like for Midas Welle to humble himself and not change names or anything drastic, but simply let me post THE MOST REVEALING AND JUICIEST PIECE OF GOSSIP OF THIS DECADE.

Welle its on you this time and not Faucet...whats it gonna be Betrayl

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blame it on the Face-a-a-ace-a-ace-acebook...

In Los Angeles, California...

There was a 12 year old boy who beaten by a group of middle school kids. They want to place blame on a Facebook group....why blame it on facebook???

There was a group on the site which said that last Friday was "Kick A Ginger Day." First of all, I support Kick A Ginger Day! I think I'm in the group. And that bitch ass ginga needs to just defend himself.

Now second of all...where the hell are the parents?! Everytime something happens authorities love to place blame on a giant networking medium. If it was Facebook's fault why the phuck do they let their kids get on facebook. What happened to the good ol' day's of Facebook where you had to be invited...

I remember I got invited cuz I was kinda in the "in crowd," in high school and I used to hold it over Miz's and Ghrim's head. But back to the subject at fingertip...if these kids had parents that gave a phuck enough to keep their kids from doing shit they shouldn't be doing....

Bad parents piss me off...but you know what else pisses me off, senseless beatings.. you know? Like the one that happened to Emmit Till. But this is nothing like this. So you crazy crakas need to shut ya bitchin' up. The idea of hatred because color differences started with ya'll now its backfiring and ya'll wanna bitch...if you ask me since there were no serious injuries I say the day should be "Drag A Ginger Down the Street and Set His Body on Fire Day" doesn't quite roll off the tongue though.

And if you believe the hatred is no where near similar then just check the words.... Nigger=giNger, don't you just love Algebra...


BTW. Wouldn't you wanna kick this guy??

One Way Yu Know Cincy is 'bout that $$$

Chad Ochocinco, "the man with the hands," as I like to call him has sprung off on a new business venture which he discussed in "Hard Knocks," the HBO series on the Cincinnati Bengal Training Camp; which I could've been on if they followed Rey Maluga to Clifton, but I guess a lunch run isn't entertaining. But I digress. Chad is selling his own brand of prophylactics...............................................................................

Still don't know what those are yet....let me show you...

Yeah you read right...CHAD OCHOCINCO PLANS ON HAVING HIS OWN BRAND OF CONDOMS. He recently posted a twitpic of the prototype of the packaging.

Completely golden, A+++++++++++, packaging.

BUT I don't know if a man famous for catching things should be selling condoms. If anything Jonathon Joesph should, but I digress.

Peach out.

American Music....awards?? & Lets not talk about New Moon...

New Moon:

OK, I had no problem with Twilight. It was an okay movie with an okay plot. But this second one was like eating Fecal Cheesecake.

Jake should've killed Ed just for GP, in my opinion. They both need to stop fucking with that crazy bitch. And she needs to stop phucking with supernatural beings, and just get a black guy like evry other rebellious white girl. Jesus tap dancing Christ! I want my girlfriend's money back...

Well let me just start off saying Michael Jackson deserved zero of the awards he won last night. He won soul/r&b artist of the year, and he released one song since Invincible. Maxwell deserved that award. And he won some other award in a category with Eminem and T.I. First of all why was he even in that category. And Relapse and Paper Trail was just completely over shadowed by his death. Now I ain't shit when his death just blackout Farrah's, but at a award's ceremony for music NO ONE should win an award for dying.

My favorite part of the night consisted of me screaming in my girl's ear about how J. Lo fell on her saggy old ass. Being a ex-dancer I notice any little small slip up (ask Skeem). Shit got me weak, as soon as she climbed up those dudes' backs I knew nothing good would come of it...and BLAOW!!! Check it.

Den we got Taylor Swift walking away with like 13 awards or some shit. She had a okay year and I can't judge any country music, BUT LADY GAGA was cheated out of Artist of the Year. P.S. I don't think Taylor's ever gonna be at another award show (on location) due to Westaphobia. Honestly I was praying ANYBODY ran across the screen to reenact the Ye-MA's as chef so eloquently puts it.

Best Performance I saw is tied between Eminem and Lady Gaga. I like Gaga's performance cuz she was spazzin on that piano. And Eminem performs like me...he looks down during most of his Forever performance.

Peach out mayne...